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So much still to discover … if you want to explore delicious, exciting new meals but need a helping hand, Sharwood’s is the brand that gives you a real taste of adventure. For over 100 years our expert chefs have been travelling the world sampling delicious new recipes and sourcing real, local ingredients. So, whether you use our products on their own or as a base for your dish, you can always rely on Sharwood’s to help you explore and recreate the vibrant colours, authentic flavours and rich aromas of the exotic.

Sharwood’s is a well loved brand with 120 years experience. All our recipes are carefully developed by our expert chefs who travel the world, sampling and selecting new dishes from all over Asia. Because Sharwood’s offers the full range of sauces and accompaniments like noodles, naan breads and side dishes, it helps you to create the full Asian meal experience.
Convenience being at the centre of consumer’s hectic lifestyle, Sharwood’s has recently launched an exciting range of 2 step Biryani sauces. Comprising separate spices and sauce, this clever product allows you to recreate the authentic taste of a Biryani in just over 30 minutes.


Available in 3 delicious flavours:

Tomato & Cumin

Coconut & Curry Leaf

Mint & Coriander