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Gale’s honey is a trusted brand with heritage from 1919, when R.W. Gale began packaging honey in London. Over this time Gale’s has built on its reputation for purity and simplicity.

Gale’s is a firm favourite with traditional loyalists, whilst appealing to younger consumers through more convenient squeezy formats.

Gale’s range includes a variety of clear, set and creamy honeys, perfect for use in new and exciting ways! Gale’s Blossom honey is ideal for baking, cooking or with desserts. Gale’s Blossom honey with lemon is delicious in hot drinks. Gale’s Blossom Set honey spreads on toast, whilst Gale’s Wild Blossom honey offers a different taste experience.

The 227g jar is ideal to encourage trial, whilst the 340g squeezy format is clean and easy to use, especially for children.  Gale’s 454g jar is the most popular format for easy sharing.

Honey is the second largest category in Sweet Spreads and is in strong growth +11% value YOY (IRI 52 w/e, 27 Dec 08). The growth trend is strong with more consumers becoming aware of the positive health benefits of honey, with a particular sales uplift from November to February each year.

Gale’s is the second largest brand in the UK with 12% value share, growing +10.5% YOY (IRI 52 w/e, 27 Dec 08).  It continues to be a firm favourite with its loyal consumers, offering pure and simple honey.